restore balance

as living beings, each day we combat stresses that affect our sense of balance and well-being; naturally these stresses have an effect on our skin, body and emotions

our goal is to restore balance using nurturing high-touch treatments, rejuvenating therapies and unique sensory experiences

infinity • air • fire • water • earth

the holistic spa philosophy is based on the five elements found in nature and within each of us; our therapists will create personalized treatments and self-care rituals based on your element of nature

your spa experience will include a sensory aroma journey, consultation, steamed towels and a variety of universal spa techniques; please indicate your preferences at time of visit…enjoy

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services offered

  • skin
  • body
  • massage
  • nail lounge
  • spa packages

levels in our pricing reflect the artisan’s experience and degree of education; after training with educators from all parts of the world, our team is highly qualified in all facets of the salon and spa industry and perform their work with great precision at all levels.

these are guidelines for service pricing...a price quote will be provided during consultation.

pricing and services are subject to change without notice.